NHL fans can get back to watching games as lockout ends

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“We’ve heard that it’s done. Until it’s actually signed we obviously have to make sure that we’re not getting ahead of ourself. With the team that we have, with Don [Fehr] and all our financial and legal guys, if there is anything in these contracts that we need to be worried about, they’ll pick it up,” Brouwer said. “We’re confident that a deal will get pushed through here in a pretty quick time.”

Players could start voting anytime now. The Board of Governors is expected to put the CBA to a vote Tuesday, according to reports.

Washington owner Ted Leonsis did not wait to release a statement to fans.

“Thanks to all of you for your patience, support and understanding during this process,” said Leonsis, who was one of four owners on the NHL’s negotiating committee.

Once the deal is official, training camps can open in preparation for either a 48- or 50-game season starting Jan. 19 or earlier.

“I think fans are still going to get a good chunk of season,” Knuble said. “I think they’re going to get a great regular season, and I think with a tightened schedule everybody is literally tied with 48 games to go, or whatever we decide. It doesn’t happen like that in the league; you have thirty teams in the mix and it’s going to make for some really good hockey games, that’s for sure.”

Players expressed joy and relief for being able to practice and play games with teammates again. Fans, even those frustrated by the lockout’s length, considered it about time the NHL was back.

“I’m excited for the guys, excited for the game, too: the people around the game, the people that work at the game in concessions and the fans, and for the fans to get some good news and just for the people who distribute the beer to the arenas, the hot dog vendors, all that stuff,” Chimera said. “It’s good for the game in general just to get going again. It’s good for hockey just to get some good news.”

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