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Just so you know. The National Father’s Day Council has selected former President Bill Clinton as a 2013 “Father of the Year,” to be awarded in June. The group, which was founded in 1931, credits Mr. Clinton with fostering “the strongest economy in a generation and the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, including the creation of more than 22 million jobs” — which may or may not have anything to do with his fatherhood skills. The nonprofit group explains that its award is meant to recognize “contemporary lifestyle leaders of our culture.”

Previous fathers-of-the-year have included Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, plus Gens. Douglas MacArthur, Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf, plus NBC News anchors Tim Russert and Brian Williams. See the group’s story here:


• 42 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the National Rifle Association; 66 percent of Republicans, 74 percent of “strong” conservatives, 22 percent of Democrats and 25 percent of “strong” liberals agree.

• 45 percent overall have an unfavorable view of the NRA; 18 percent of Republicans, 7 percent of strong conservatives, 67 percent of Democrats and 67 percent of strong liberals agree.

• 41 percent overall support armed security personnel in every American school; 52 percent of Republicans, 62 percent of strong conservatives, 35 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of strong liberals agree.

• 27 percent overall support arming teachers with guns; 35 percent of Republicans, 49 percent of strong conservatives, 19 percent of Democrats and 27 percent of strong liberals agree.

Source: A Public Policy Polling survey of 1,100 registered U.S. voters conducted Jan. 3 to 6.

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