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“There’s a fine line between what’s acceptable as a professional athlete and what’s acceptable as a 14-year-old.”

jmarshallap: To keep Biz from getting too nasty, the Coyotes have a staffer track his Twitter account.

Biz occasionally checks in to see if he’s about to go too far. Most of it gets through. (hash)leeway.

BizNasty2point0: “They do let me get away with a lot and show my personality, and I do appreciate that. I’m not very filtered compared to some other guys.”

jmarshallap: Self-deprecation augments the appeal. Starts with his Twitter bio:

BizNasty2point0: “Play in the NHL for the Phoenix Coyotes. Well sort of. Once played in the ECHL for the Wheeling Nailers, seriously, that was the name. Living the dream.”

jmarshallap: His actual tweets and retweets continue the theme:


“NHL_problems: Tag the worst hockey player you know in this tweet.” BizNasty2point0

If you drafted me in fantasy hockey I thank you and the people you are playing against thank you.

Should I mention `being sued by NHL’ on my McDonald’s resume?

Instagram takes me from a 4 to a soft 7.

tsnjamesduthie: BizNasty2point0 btw, was at my daughter’s swim meet on Sat. 4 freakin hours and she swam for 3 mins. Now I know how your parents feel.


jmarshallap: BizNasty2point0 is a 140-character extension of Bissonnette’s personality.

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