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CalClutterbuck (Minnesota Wild forward, workout partner): “That’s what he’s like. He’s a pretty unique individual. Unpredictable, to say the least.”

jmarshallap: Biz practically came into the world with a ready comeback, firing back at a family friend’s verbal jabs at an early age.

BizDad (Cam Bissonnette): “He was a 4-5 year old chirping an adult on a same level. I found at that time, this kid’s not going to take any flak from anybody.”

jmarshallap: He certainly doesn’t on Twitter, especially when followers knock his playing ability. (hash)touchanerve.

BizNasty2point0: “Buddy, you’re playing junior hockey and you’re insulting a guy who’s made it to the highest level.

“What does that say about you?”


jmarshallap: Off ice, Biz is gregarious, just like his father _ and so many other enforcers. Serves him well on Twitter.

ScottieUpshall: “He makes it seem like hockey players are just normal people like the rest of them. He’s pretty good at it.”

jmarshallap: Grammer, er, grammar he’s not so good at, a byproduct of attending French school in Welland, Ontario until 7th grade.

BizNasty2point0: “I go to tweet something and have to ask guys, how do you spell this, and it’s like five-letter words.

“They’ll be like, (hash)%$! off Biz, so I’ll Google them now, going back and forth with it on every word.”

jmarshallap: The misspellings cause his mother to cringe almost as much as when he crosses the good-taste line.

BizMom (Yolande Bissonnette): “As a mother and someone who used to be a professor at a community college, his grammar could be better.”

jmarshallap: In a way, the grammatical gaffes fit right in, an inadvertent form of self-deprecation making Biz even funnier.

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