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It was a clash of the titans. Sort of.

“Looks like Bay Area mediation worked where LA litigation could not for Keith Olbermann in his $50 million lawsuit against Current TV. A daylong session in San Francisco at the offices of Antonio Piazza of Mediation Negotiations has led to a settlement between the parties,” observes Dominic Patten, contributor to Deadline Hollywood.

“While specifics of the agreement are confidential, a source tells Deadline that Olbermann is set to receive a significant payout from Current. The former ESPN and MSNBC anchor’s deal also means it won’t impact the Al Gore co-founded Current’s recent $500 million sale to Al Jazeera. Late last week, in heavily redacted court documents filed under seal in L.A. Superior Court, the former ‘Countdown’ frontman requested an April 24 hearing for a summary judgment to rule in his favor over Current.”

Mr. Olbermann sued his former employer for breach of contact and other claims on April 5, 2012, for the full multimillion-dollar sum of his five-year contract, this after he was fired less than a year on the job. Current filed a cross complaint the next day, claiming it had “every right to terminate Mr. Olbermann’s services.” Both parties are expected to file documents relatively soon to dismiss the case, Mr. Patten says.


• 80 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job.

• 72 percent disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their job.

• 50 percent approve of the way President Obama is handling his job.

• 44 percent trust Mr. Obama to handle the economy, 40 percent trust the Republicans.

• 44 percent trust Republicans to find the right balance between cutting federal spending or continuing it; 43 percent trust Mr. Obama.

• 42 percent trust Mr. Obama to handle gun control issues; 41 percent trust Republicans.

Source: A Washington Post/ABC News poll of 1,001 U.S. adults conducted March 7 to 10.

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