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Yes, the money fights have given way to Tony Pashos.

Brother, can you spare a cornerback?

Duct tape and prayer and a draft that mines more late-round surprises like sixth-rounder Alfred Morris are the best hope for the Redskins to paper over the roster’s holes until real upgrades can be made in 2014. The start is quiet, but necessary: re-signing key veterans Kory Lichtensteiger, Kedric Golston and Sav Rocca while squeezing four restricted free agents under the cap. Allen and Shanahan are content to take the long-term view and absorb the involuntary sequestration this offseason, instead of engaging in the salary cap contortions that would only postpone the pain.

The real cost of what did or did not happen in 2010 is coming into focus and the message is simple and stark. Don’t mess with the NFL. The league is as unforgiving off the field as it is on.