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“My appearance, well, I get a lot of attention with it,” Mr. Jocobson added. “People come over to see about my hair, and I’m going to tell them about health care, tax reform and Second Amendment rights.”

CPAC itself took good care of its young this time around. They had parties, book signings, movies, internship seminars, networking events, meet-and-greets, public-speaking workshops and at least one big party featuring the presence of “Obama zombies.”

But there was one last hurrah for the young and restless, and that was the “Blogger of the Year Award,” which went to the somewhat astonished Katie Pavlich, the young news editor of

She had 10 words for her audience, both the old and the young.

“We have the world in front of us to conquer,” she said, and exited stage right, no doubt to go blog about it.