- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sen. Chuck Schumer is facing increasing pressure from members of the gay community to make sure any immigration reform he puts his stamp on includes rights for same-sex couples.

In a recent meeting described by attendees as heated, Mr. Schumer reached out to prominent New York gay politicians and activists to try and smooth relations — and explain why an amendment for same-sex couples could prove a tough sell on Capitol Hill and an outright deal-breaker to Republicans, he said, Politico reported.

Sen. Schumer called the meeting because he is in trouble with a key constituency,” said Rachel Tiven, of Immigration Equality, in Politico.

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Ms. Tiven said she couldn’t discuss all the details of the meeting, because it was supposed to be private, Politico said.

But she gave an overview of what several attendees made clear to the senator: If he failed to support gay rights in immigration overhaul, the political fallout from the gay community would be substantial. The omission of the amendment would be unforgivable, Politico reported.

Others who attended the meeting described it as more amicable and less heated, Politico said.