- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A new law proposed by the European Commission is being criticized as a massive government overreach that will ultimately damage the farming industry, and lead to the outlaw of certain types of seeds.

The European Commission has brought forth a bill to limit what’s planted to a “tested, approved and accepted” list of seeds, The Blaze reported. Concerns are the legislation will lead to less biodiversity — and more prosecution of farmers.

The Plant Reproductive Material Law is being billed by the Commission as a means of simplifying existing laws and “guiding the operation of the food chain,” The Blaze reported. But opponents argue its actual effect will be detrimental to the farming industry.

The Soil Association said the regulation would actually outlaw various types of seeds.

“This will not only affect farmers and growers in the short term by outlawing exchange of seed not currently commercially available, but in the long term will erode the diversity of species that even the large seed companies, who are driving the proposal, need to provide their future varieties,” the Soil Associated said, The Blaze reported.






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