- The Washington Times - Friday, November 1, 2013

Edward Snowden, who fled the United States and obtained asylum in Russia after leaking sensitive National Security Agency information, said that he’s more than willing to help Germany’s investigation into America’s snooping, a German lawmaker reported Friday.

In fact, the former NSA contractor will even testify, a German lawmaker said, Reuters reported.

Hans-Christian Stroebele, a lawmaker for the Greens party, said Mr. Snowden “knew a lot” about the alleged U.S. tapping into Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal mobile phone for the past 10 years, Newsmax reported. And Mr. Snowden has agreed to share what he knows during a special session of Germany’s parliament, set for Nov. 18, Mr. Stroebele said.

“He made it clear he knows a lot and that as long as the National Security Agency blocks investigations … he is essentially prepared to come to Germany and give testimony, but the conditions must be discussed,” Mr. Stroebele said, Newsmax reported.

Mr. Stroebele also said that he told Mr. Snowden that he could testify from Russia, if he chose.

The glitch in the plan is Russia. President Vladimir Putin only agreed to shelter Mr. Snowden if he stopped giving out information that harmed the United States — a concession that could make it complicated for Mr. Snowden to testify on Germany’s behalf.



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