White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer’s ‘unfortunate’ tweet slings the ‘n-word’

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Twitter poster Elise Foley perhaps said it best: “Dan Pfeiffer, check your Twitter.” That came shortly after the White House senior adviser posted a most unfortunate message, complete with the dreaded “n-word.”

His Tuesday tweet read: “@jmartNYT also a much [n-word] factor on the right – Dan Pfeiffer (@pfeiffer44) October 8, 2013.”

As the adage goes — that’s got to hurt.

Mr. Pfeiffer was trying to answer a posting from Jonathan Martin, who wrote: “Glad @NBCFirst Read acknowledged a major factor in polarization: how Amers get information, rise of Internet/cable.”

His initial reply was tame enough. Mr. Pfeiffer said, “@jmartNYT @NBCFirstRead it’s a very smart point and massive factor in political polarization.”

It was Mr. Pfeiffer’s follow-up that caused the headache. Likely, he meant to write “also a much bigger factor,” but hit the “n” key by mistake.

Several were quick to point out the mistake, Twitchy reported.

One said: “Woah dude might want to delete this tweet fast.”

Another: “Most unfortunate typo ever.”


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