- - Thursday, July 13, 2017


In “The separation of church and insanity” (Commentary, July 9), writer Larry W. Poland audaciously maligns millions of patriotic Americans as “Christophobic bigots” because we value the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment guarantee of religious liberty. This bedrock American value means nothing if it doesn’t simultaneously protect people’s freedom to practice their faith as long as that faith doesn’t intrude on the rights of others, and protect people’s freedom from religious imposition.

It’s not Christophobic to want our country to be free of the imposition of sectarian beliefs. It’s not bigotry to ensure that government is a neutral party when it comes to religion and religious questions. That’s why humanists and many religious allies reasonably don’t want our sports invaded with official religiosity, it’s why we don’t expect schools to endorse one faith over another during graduation ceremonies, and it’s why the undeniably religious Ten Commandments make an inappropriate display for publicly owned buildings.


Executive director

American Humanist Association




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