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  • A workman clears snow from the plaza at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington in Washington, Monday, March 3, 2014, as visitors line up to hear arguments. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the greater Washington Metropolitan region, prompting area schools and the federal government to close for the wintry weather.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    U.S. Supreme Court won't hear German family's home-school case

    By Cheryl Wetzstein - The Washington Times

    To the disappointment of many home-schooling supporters, the U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it would not consider the case of a German family seeking asylum in the U.S. because they cannot teach their children at home in Germany. Published March 3, 2014

  • Candy and flowers: Romance alive and well among young couples

    By Cheryl Wetzstein - The Washington Times

    Don't let the naysayers wilt the Valentine's Day flowers: Most young men and women in long-term relationships say they are very satisfied — and very much in love — with each other. Published February 10, 2014

  • Alzheimer's: Reagan's long goodbye

    By Cheryl Wetzstein - The Washington Times

    While other famous people had succumbed to the irreversible, progressive neurological disease — including such figures as actress Rita Hayworth, writer E.B. White and British Prime Minister Harold Wilson — the Reagans' admission took the prominence and public awareness of Alzheimer's to a new level. Published February 3, 2011

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    • Plaintiffs Ben West, left, and Paul Rummell talk outside the federal courthouse where a federal judge is scheduled to hear oral arguments in two cases challenging Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage in Eugene, Ore., Wednesday, April 23, 2014. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

      Oregon gay marriage ban gets day in court

      By JONATHAN J. COOPER - Associated Press

      Lawyers for four gay and lesbian couples and the state of Oregon urged a federal judge Wednesday to strike down Oregon's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. Published April 24, 2014

    • Judge to hear arguments in abortion lawsuit

      By Associated Press

      A Dane County judge is set to hear arguments in a lawsuit challenging a 2012 law that sets out conditions for abortions. Published April 24, 2014

    • Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to divorce wife

      By Associated Press

      Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has announced that he and his wife Ashton are divorcing. Published April 23, 2014

    • Gay rights group seeks to expand marriage case

      By AMANDA LEE MYERS - Associated Press

      A gay rights group wants to intervene in a court case that's being appealed, hoping to persuade a federal court to overturn Ohio's gay marriage ban and allow same-sex couples to wed in the state. Published April 23, 2014

    • Miss. governor signs mid-pregnancy abortion ban

      By EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS - Associated Press

      Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on Wednesday signed a bill to ban abortion starting at the midpoint of a full-term pregnancy. Published April 23, 2014

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