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  • Congressional staffers, public shortchanged by high turnover, low pay

    High turnover and lack of experience in congressional offices are leaving staffs increasingly without policy and institutional knowledge, a Washington Times analysis of a decade of House and Senate personnel records shows — leaving a vacuum that usually is filled by lobbyists.

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  • "There are all kinds of documents the House clerk prints instead of just putting online. You can go there and photocopy them for 10 cents a page, but then they have to pay to have a staff person there and a room," said Mr. Schuman. "Offices can get mail delivered three or four times a day. Does that really make sense?"

    For House, budget cuts hit close to home →

  • "There's an irony to the intern situation," said Daniel Schuman, policy counsel at the Sunlight Foundation. "Being an intern is the entree to working on Capitol Hill, and as you shift to more and more unpaid interns, it's also a socioeconomic shift. You either have to immediately get a second job, which is difficult, or you have to come from a wealthy background so your family can foot the bill. You're limiting the pool of people who can have different perspectives."

    For House, budget cuts hit close to home →

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