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  • Illustration: The stimulus box by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times.

    MILLER: We need a holiday from stimulus

    When it comes to solutions to our economic woes, President Obama has a plan. Unfortunately, it's the same stimulus that proved to be a failure in 2009. Mr. Obama's latest scheme is to pay for another year of payroll-tax holiday by hiking taxes on small businesses and investors. He's wasting both the American people's and Congress' time by campaigning for a proposal he knows can't pass.

  • **FILE** In this March 26, 2007 photo, Andrew Chapin of New York City takes part in a rally on Capitol Hill in Washington supporting legislative efforts to repeal the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding gay soldiers. (Associated Press)

    Survey counters backing of gays in military

    A group opposed to ending the ban on openly gay troops in the military has released a national survey that challenges earlier independent polls asserting that a wide percentage of Americans favor repealing the ban.

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  • That prompted Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, to say premiums that are "lower than projected" are not the same as "lower than they are now."

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  • "If this thing is determined to be a 'bailout' versus a 'rescue' plan for people at home, it makes a difference how they perceive it," he said. "When people learn the real consequences of inaction versus a sound bite describing it as a bailout for fat cats, that makes a difference."

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