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  • James Marsden, seen here in the remake of "Straw Dogs," doesn't measure up to Dustin Hoffman's original role. (Sony Screen Gems photographs via Associated Press)

    MOVIE REVIEW: 'Straw Dogs'

    Director Rod Lurie's Americanized remake is a surprisingly respectful adaptation, with many scenes and lines of dialogue remaining virtually unchanged. But the tweaks he's made don't make the remake any better — quite the opposite.

  • Mississippi stereotypes persist in the remake of "Straw Dogs" with Rhys Coiro (center) and Alexander Skarsgard. (Sony Screen Gems via Associated Press)

    Hollywood's Mississippi remains a brutal backwater

    If, as Michael Medved contends, Hollywood hates America, then it really, really hates Mississippi. A long line of films have cemented the state's image in American culture as a brutal, benighted backwater teeming with violent bigots.

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  • Mr. Lurie, credited as a co-writer as well as director of the remake — shot in Louisiana, standing in for Mississippi — told the Miami Herald that he chose the setting to "plant these characters in a community where the lifestyle is violence."

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