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  • "I've talked to a couple of the guys. James, being a California kid we already had a relationship prior to me being on the team, so we talk frequently. He's most excited about our opportunity to play together," Ariza said. "Dwight, of course, we spoke, just on we want to win together. Patrick Beverley was extremely excited, he called me and told me how excited he was that we could possibly be on the floor at the same time. It's just an exciting time, we know that we are going to push each other to be the best we can when we are competing on the court together, competing against other teams."

    Leading young Wizards wasn't easy for Trevor Ariza →

  • "I had to lead players. I felt like in the first time in my career, I had to actually lead players that -- not trying to disrespect anyone -- I had to lead players that were better than me," Ariza said. "Having to do that, it takes a lot of  patience, you have to understand the people that you are playing with and understand what they can do. When you have talented players like Bradley and John Wall, you just want to see the best for them. Your team only goes as far as those players take you. You just try to push that and get the most you can out of them while you are on the court with them."

    Leading young Wizards wasn't easy for Trevor Ariza →

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