- The Washington Times - Saturday, June 11, 2005

After years of being excluded from their children’s education, parents in Montgomery County, Md., formed Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum and won the battle to have their views respected on sex education. Why were the views of parents ever held in disrespect and why was the force of a federal lawsuit needed to a basic right, control over the education of one’s children?

I wonder if it has occurred to anyone, parents or real educators, that maybe the best sex-ed curriculum is none at all? Many of today’s parents were not alive then, but before sex-ed came into the classroom, a short passage from the Psalms was read in the daily opening exercises of public schools on Maryland. When the word of God became unwelcome, the vacuum created soon filled with what today has become tantamount to pornography disguised as “health education.”

Casual promiscuity, AIDS, rampant sex-transmitted diseases, teen-age abortion, teen-age suicide, in-your-face promotion of homosexuality and the mocking of Judeo-Christian principles were heretofore virtually unknown. A comparison of the statistics before and after would make a shocking case in favor of the removal of sex education from schools to its rightful place in the home, where it can be put in proper perspective.

You might say, yes, but today’s children live in a decadent culture. Ask yourself which came first, and were those responsible for today’s culture (publishers, rock musicians, pornographers, promoters of homosexuality, clothing manufacturers, media people, judges, etc) not the product of their sex education? Children grow up and take their place in society acting on what they have been taught. Which came first, the teaching of sex as a recreational activity or the very profitable promoting of it, the chicken or the egg? A reasonable person could assume the former.

Today’s children are encouraged to question their “sexual identity” and to experiment with various “lifestyles.” Sex, degraded to a recreation activity, is virtually mandated; abstinence is ridiculed. Kindergarten children are read stories about same-sex “marriage” and fourth-graders are taught contraception. Judeo-Christian principles are mocked. The safest way to present pornography to children is in the schools.

The health of a generation (or two) has been undermined both with at least 23 varieties of sexually transmitted diseases and the loss of self-respect through promiscuity. The overwhelming number of STD cases are in the under-25 age group.

If the sex-ed curriculum does not reflect the truth about the social and personal consequences of promiscuous behavior, about the need for students to respect their bodies and souls, there should be no curriculum at all and sex-ed should become exclusively a home-school subject.

Sooner or later, everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences and the proof is in the pudding. The outcome of “outcome-based education” is this: a pornographic society made possible by allowing the corruption of innocent children.

The alarm bell has finally been rung by parents, one lawyer, and one reasonable judge. Through their monumental determined efforts, they have given real hope for major change.


Baltimore, Md.

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