- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 4, 2007

As usual, the high-minded activists with CASA of Maryland are in a lather after U.S. Immigration and Customs agents arrested 69 suspected illegal aliens connected to a Baltimore-based employment agency last week.

The move of one U.S. government body to enforce our country’s immigration laws undoubtedly came as a shock to the deep thinkers of CASA, accustomed as they are to local governments turning a blind eye to the ever-growing number of illegal aliens hanging out at convenience stores and strip malls across the region.

A CASA spokeswoman was feeling the pain of the “undocumented workers,” as illegal aliens are politely called by the enlightened left. Their compassion hardly rises to the level of a principle. If an estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in America are acceptable to the left, at what point does the number become unacceptable to them? How about 50 million? Or would it take 100 million illegal aliens to bankrupt our hospitals, social services and public schools and in turn undermine the quality of life of Americans and those who are here legally?

There certainly are millions of souls who would like to be living in the United States. And to be fair to the world and consistent in our philosophy, we should open our borders to everyone, not just to those from the geographically convenient countries of Latin America.

You wonder if the good people of CASA would take up the cause of 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens from China or India, if that were the case.

For now, the CASA spokeswoman dismissed the work of the ICE agents because of their failure to make certain the illegal aliens had received their last paychecks.

A lawyer entrusted with the task of defending a drug dealer might try a variation of that tactic on a jury. The lawyer could peddle the notion of the dealer being a victim of the government after the Drug Enforcement Administration failed to check if the addicts had paid all their debts to the dealer.

Another advocacy group suggests illegal aliens should have the same workplace protections as Americans and those working in this country legally. And while we are on the subject, illegal aliens should have access to medical insurance, driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers, workers’ compensation, unemployment, college tuition aid, rent-control relief, mortgage-lending credits and favorable interest rates on small-business loans.

Our lawmakers should pass an all-encompassing law that ensures these benefits to illegal aliens and be done with it. We possibly have left out several perks that are owed illegal aliens. CASA can work on that.

If the question of our national sovereignty and security is destined to be a joke, let’s take the joke to its rightful conclusion. Let’s embrace it. Let’s drop the archaic idea of passports — at least for those coming into our country.

If someone shows up on our doorstep with plans to stay a couple of decades, we should slap them on the back and give them a hearty welcome.

Obviously, if we are traveling abroad, we have to follows the laws, rules and customs of whichever countries we visit. We do not want to be perceived as ugly Americans. We need to have our paperwork in order. And women, if you are traveling to certain parts of the Middle East, remember to pack a burqa.

More than a few countries do not subscribe to our multicultural catechism. It is just a suspicion, but they probably do not celebrate Italian-American Pride Day in Damascus.

Our country undoubtedly leads the world in pride days, starting with our demonstrations that celebrate illegal aliens.

You know the lame spiel. They do the jobs that Americans refuse to do.

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