- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NEW YORK (AP) — With this murder trial, I thee wed.

Love blossomed in a trial last year between alternate juror No. 3, Traci Nagy, and juror No. 6, Jonathan Cinkay. They picked up their marriage license last week, and Queens Supreme Court Justice Daniel Lewis, who presided over the case, is to marry them next month.

The Daily News reported Sunday that the two made goo-goo eyes on the first day of the trial. Fellow jurors encouraged Miss Nagy, a 36-year-old market analyst, to date Mr. Cinkay, 33, a physical therapist. The two went out to lunch during one long break.

“From there it just grew,” Miss Nagy said.

After the trial, Mr. Cinkay said, he called Miss Nagy “as soon as I got out the door” and proposed by year’s end.

“My friends said to me, ‘It would take a murder trial for you to meet the right person,’ ” he said.

Judge Lewis said he knew during the trial there was something unusual about the jury.

“Some juries are serious, some are somber, but this jury seemed like it was full of beaming, happy people,” the justice said.

The warm feelings didn’t do the murder defendant much good. He was convicted.



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