- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Discussing how Taiwan “has proven to be a beacon of freedom and democracy in East Asia” (“U.S.-Taiwan ties,” Op-Ed, yesterday), former Sen. George Allen, Virginia Republican, notes that its recent presidential election “represents the second peaceful transition of power through free elections.” We should also note that on May 1, Freedom House announced that for the second straight year, Taiwan has had the freest media environment in Asia - ahead of Japan and South Korea.

It also has been a valuable partner against international terrorism. Thus, on April 30, the State Department’s 2007 edition of its annual Country Reports on Terrorism commended Taiwan, particularly for interrupting the flow of money used to finance international terrorist activities. “Taiwan,” it said, “sought to implement, to the maximum extent possible, all U.N. resolutions relating to combating terrorism and terrorist finance issues.” This is despite the fact that Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations, where it would be obliged to cooperate in these matters.

If China would stop vetoing Taiwan’s every effort to work more directly with the United Nations and its agencies - such as the World Health Organization - Taiwan could be even more helpful in fighting terrorism and disease and in promoting democracy and prosperity throughout the world.


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Association on Third World Affairs




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