- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 23, 2009


If there’s one thing that gets Fox News Anchor Shephard Smith worked up, it’s the subject of torture.

The usually suave host of “The Fox Report with Shephard Smith” ranted, raved and dropped the F-bomb on the network’s webcast “The Strategy Room” on Wednesday while discussing the hot-button issue.

“We are America! I don’t give a rat’s … if it helps. We are America! We do not … torture,” he yelled, much to the amazement of his Fox colleague Trace Gallagher seated next to him. (Click here to view the clip)

Our sources at Fox say that although Mr. Smith is known for being impassioned about issues on the air, as previous YouTube clips demonstrate, he has never, as far as they know, sworn on camera or a webcast before.

We also hear that Fox executives have not admonished him about the incident.

But stay tuned — the week is not over yet.



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