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Teenagers shouldn’t drink alcohol. That’s the policy of the United States government, which spends billions to enforce laws backing the policy, and it also is the position of pretty much every respectable organization in the nation, including the Department of Education. So naturally, when looking to fill the post of the nation’s top school-safety official at the Education Department, President Obama chose a guy who founded and led an organization that allowed bar guides to be handed out to high school students.

Once again, “safe schools czar” Kevin Jennings has been involved in making schools less safe. As always, this one was, whoops, a mistake. It is always a mistake. Whoops, while a teacher, he enabled a teenager to continue a sexual relationship with an older man whom the student had met in a bus-stop bathroom. Whoops, he praised one of the North American Man/Boy Love Association’s most vociferous defenders. Whoops, the group Mr. Jennings founded, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, recommended books for children as young as 13 that present sex between minors and adults in a positive light.

The new whoops is a safe-sex guide distributed in a Massachusetts high school in 2005. Included in the book are the addresses and phone numbers of Boston-area gay bars to make it easier for teens to find the businesses that cater to homosexual men over the age of 21. The guide’s descriptions of what goes on in these bars is explicit. Over here, there’s “dancing, young guys and those who like young guys.” Over there, the ambience is “old school, cruisy, sex-charged late at night.” At another hot spot, there’s “porn on the television, the old, the young. Something for everyone.”

A pattern has developed over the course of the Jennings scandal in which tolerance is shown for the idea that minors and adults having sex is something to be encouraged and facilitated or, at worst, politely ignored. For some reason, because the minors involved in sexual relationships with adults are homosexual, the Obama administration is closing its eyes and ears to the problem. That’s a fantastic double standard that would never apply to heterosexual relationships between adults and children.

Now we’ll see if encouraging drinking by minors is also part of the double standard. Local, state and federal governments spend billions to stop heterosexual teens from drinking, but future government officials can feel perfectly comfortable facilitating and encouraging underage drinking among homosexual kids. If the administration does nothing, that’s exactly the message the Department of Education will send.

Jennings defenders accuse anyone who dares question this senior presidential appointee with hate and homophobia. That’s a twisted moral universe where protecting homosexual minors from predators is “hate” while helping teens become conveniently alcohol-addled prey is, what … love?

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