- The Washington Times - Sunday, January 11, 2009

In a major speech at George Mason University on Jan. 8, President-elect Barack Obama departed from Franklin D. Roosevelt while presenting a similar approach to correct an ailing economy.

Upon winning their presidential elections, both faced a recession requiring prompt action to grow the economy. Neither of the men understood that the growth of industry, accompanied by increased employment, is dependent on tax cuts. Roosevelt did not have the advantage of seeing such growth resulting from tax cuts by President Kennedy, President Reagan and President George W. Bush. In lieu of - or in spite of - this knowledge, both men chose to advance economic recovery by massive welfare/public-works programs. On the other hand, Mr. Obama knows that the Roosevelt recession became a depression due to the erroneous welfare/public-works program coupled with tax increases.

A difference in action taken by Roosevelt and Mr. Obama to get the public to support their programs is shown in their speeches, carried on radio and TV: Roosevelt told the masses that the only fear they should have is of fear itself, whereas Mr. Obama threatened the public to support his program or else there would be disaster.



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