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After five days of mourning the victims of the Fort Hood massacre, the hard, harsh questions are surfacing: How could a guy with two handguns kill 13 professional soldiers and wound 29 more on a U.S. military base, asks Larry Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America.

“Would you believe that the Army isnt actually armed?” says Mr. Pratt. “When they get back from deployment, the first thing all troops must do is enter what could be called the ‘politically correct room, where they surrender their weapons.”

Army Maj.Nidal Malik Hasan, the suspect in the case, knew his chances of mass murder were “pretty good,” Mr. Pratt says.

“After Fort Hood, I think the point is made,” he adds. “Almost all of Americas massacres have taken place in gun-free zones, primarily schools, government buildings and now an Army base. If we are going to protect life, we must permit the disarmed to be armed. We must arm the Army! Otherwise, jihadists will continue to single out soft targets where they will be able to kill the greatest number possible.”


” ‘Fort Hood shooting suspect conscious, talking, hospital says.’ Who gets first dibs on telling him a female cop shot him?” - Lucianne Goldberg, at Lucianne.com


Move over, health care reform, The “tea party” enthusiasts have expanded their thinking to include illegal immigration into the U.S.

On Saturday, 50 tea party-style rallies are being staged in cities and towns in Texas, Colorado, California, Virginia and other states “in reaction to the news that Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat, plans to introduce comprehensive amnesty legislation by the end of November,” says William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, the main organizer.

“The Obama administration and Congress need to cease and desist advocacy for any form of amnesty legislation,” Mr. Gheen says. “There are global business interests pushing this unpopular plan, and government is intentionally underenforcing our existing immigration laws.”

The effort is only “Round One,” he adds.


Ah, the tales of 1,001 Democrats. Beltway discovered recently that raconteur/mystery writer Kinky Friedman is leading the Democratic field in the Texas gubernatorial race. Now we find that the one-and-only “Gov. Moonbeam” is doing the same in California.

Though he has not even declared his intentions, state Attorney General Jerry Brown leads the field, according to a Los Angeles Times poll, with 44 percent favoring the former governor, Oakland mayor and perennial presidential hopeful.

Jerry. Baby. Who knew?

But alas. Almost two-thirds also pined for more choices on the Democratic slate after San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom dropped out of the race, but well, who else is there? The young and restless are putting their money on Mr. Brown.

Generation for Change, a Los Angeles-based progressive grass-roots group, endorsed Mr. Brown on Monday and will host an “intimate evening” at the swank XIV nightclub, according to spokesman Haroon “Boon” Saleem.

“The event is an opportunity for L.A.’s newest generation of leaders — the influential young professionals, tastemakers and activists,” he notes.

Jerry, baby. You’re in.


And now we break for a singular take on health care reform.

“The health bill will pass. Wont it?” asks Michael Wolff, founder of the news aggregator Newser.com

“I think they have it. If they dont have the votes for the best and purest version of the bill, I think they at least have a fallback position which holds 60 votes. I believe this has to be true because you wouldnt risk your presidency and place in history and epochal humiliation if you did not have the votes. You would not have brought it down to the wire like this,” Mr. Wolff says.

“On the other hand, I could very well be wrong. It is not just the Obama White House, but something about all politicians that, these days, makes them look like amateurs. None of them fills you with confidence. Nobody seems in control.”


The parasitic media strike again:

“Professional genealogist Megan Smolenyak made headlines recently when the New York Times reported her findings that the first ladys great-great-grandmother was a slave named Melvinia, but ‘Inside Edition’ has now uncovered another part of the story that hasnt been reported - the white side of her family,” says the CBS show.

“With her blonde hair and blue eyes, Debbie Shields looks nothing like first lady Michelle Obama, but they actually share a common bond — theyre related. Debbies great-great-grandfather is also Michelle Obamas great-great-great-grandfather. When Melvinia was just six years old, she was sent to a 200-acre farm in Rex, Georgia. At 15, she was impregnated by a white man, presumed to be Charles Marion Shields. Melvinias name from the 1870 census is listed as ‘Shields,’ as are her four children.”

It’s all just “awesome,” Ms. Shields told host Les Trent on Monday night.


*4 percent of U.S. voters say most politicians keep their campaign promises.

*76 percent say they do not keep their promises; 19 percent are not sure.

*45 percent say politicians deliberately make false claims to get elected.

*68 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of unaffiliated voters agree.

*43 percent say “unforeseen events” force politicians to break promises.

*75 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted Nov. 7-8.

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