- The Washington Times - Friday, August 27, 2010

The late Arizona Republican Barry Goldwater made some very prophetic statements in his book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” that are worth repeating in light of today’s overreaching extravaganzas by our current administration.

One of his statements from the 45-year-old publication is particularly salient: “The federal government has moved into every field in which it believes its services are needed. The state governments are either excluded from their rightful functions by federal preemption, or they are allowed to act at the sufferance of the federal government.” His words bring to mind some of the present battles between the federal and state governments, such as the Arizona immigration law. Mr. Goldwater goes on to say, “Inside the federal government both the executive and judicial branches have roamed far outside their constitutional boundary lines.”

One can begin to see clearly the parallels between this and the actions and agenda of the Obama administration, as evidenced by the president’s misuse of federal power through the imposition of health care reform mandates on the American people.

Finally, Mr. Goldwater concludes the point of intrusive behavior by the federal government with the sage warning, “The result is a Leviathan, a vast national authority out of touch with the people, and out of their control. This monolith of power is bounded only by the will of those who sit in high places.” We can learn a great deal from such insightful voices from the past. My only hope is that we begin to listen, learn and act before it is too late to turn back the tide of federal pre-eminence and complete domination.


Dale City, Va.

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