- The Washington Times - Monday, August 30, 2010


The Friday article “Slow progress feared in stem cell study” makes it clear that proponents of stem-cell research fear that a drawn-out legal fight will devastate biomedical research for years, while pro-life advocates believe it will spur much-needed work in the adult stem-cell field.

Being just an average citizen, not a scientist, I keep failing to understand why embryonic stem cells are needed when adult stem cells may be available.

It seems to me that embryonic stem-cell research leads to embryonic stem-cell cures and adult stem-cell research leads to adult stem-cell cures. The choice to go one way versus the other clearly depends upon one’s view of God.

According to Jeremiah 1:5 in the Old Testament, God knows His children before they are born. If in the future women choose to get pregnant and to donate or sell their aborted fetuses to cure others, they would have to believe that is God’s will.

That’s not my God; it must be someone else’s.


Burke, Va.



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