Monday, February 1, 2010

The arrogance of President Obama’s State of the Union address left me cold. It reminded me of a truism I once heard about what parents tell their daughters: “When you go out with a man, don’t listen to what he says, but watch what he does. In that way, you may know his true intentions.”

After Wednesday night’s speech, I have to remind myself of just that, because the things Mr. Obama says he wants to do are the very things he does not do. For example, he wants open talks with Republicans but he has shut all Republicans out of his closed-door sessions on health care. He says he is against lobbyists, yet he had Andy Stern, president of the powerful Service Employees International Union (SEIU), visit the White House no fewer than 28 times in his first year in office. He says he will freeze national government spending (with the exception of Medicare, Medicaid, etc.), but he already has increased the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by 35 percent this year, and a freeze in 2011 will ensure that that overinflated budget cannot be lowered. It’s smoke and mirrors.

Also, Mr. Obama’s rebuke of the Supreme Court before the nation over a recent decision he did not like was astonishing. We can’t afford Mr. Obama’s pricey and burdensome agenda, which only benefits his cronies. The people have spoken, but he still doesn’t get it.


Berwyn Heights, Md.

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