- The Washington Times - Monday, February 8, 2010

Can someone explain how this is change? Yes, I can explain it quite easily: Under President George W. Bush, our national debt was measured in billions. Under President Obama, it is measured in trillions. Under Mr. Bush, our national debt was 2 percent of our gross domestic product. Under Mr. Obama, it is 11 percent of our GDP. Under Mr. Bush, we lived in blissful ignorance about the ethics of our elected representatives, i.e., we thought they read bills before voting and then voted for what would best serve their constituencies. Under Mr. Obama, we are sadly disabused of that quaint notion.

Under Mr. Bush, the world knew America meant business. Under Mr. Obama, we are perceived as weak and unwilling to meet our international obligations. No need to go on - you get the point.

Mr. Obama campaigned on a platform of change, change, change - unspecified, undefined, undirected - change for the sake of change. He campaigned with the slogan “Yes we can!” (by the by, also a favorite slogan of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and “Papa Doc” Duvalier) without ever defining what he meant. So, there you have change - the majority voted for it, and now we’ve got it.


Fairfax, Va.

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