- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Is there redemption for Virginia’s senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb?

Now that the election is over, it is time to look at those who participated in the despicable process that gave us Obamacare but did not have to run in this election. Virginia’s two Democratic senators had best start thinking now of how they can regain the trust of the voters they betrayed by voting for the dismantling of our health care system against the wishes of a majority of Virginians.

Can they redeem themselves between now and when each must face the electorate? It is possible only if they recognize that continuing to join irresponsible liberals in debasing our Constitution and ignoring their responsibilities to their fellow Virginians in the name of party unity is not a path to re-election. Mr. Warner and Mr. Webb are damaged goods - let them heal themselves or face an electorate that will surely vote them out.


Alexandria, Va.



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