- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 18, 2010


As the leader of the free world and the inspiration for economic growth, the president and the Treasury secretary of the United States carry an aura and eminence that has stabilized world order for most of our lifetime.

In Seoul, the current officeholders set records for new lows in these categories. In the shadow of a resounding lashing from the electorate, President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner proved obstinate and tone-deaf as to the message of their constituency.

Maybe they heard the message and understand economic common sense but have a higher agenda in mind. Perhaps they are intent on implementing their political dream of a humbler, less imposing nation in all respects, in which case, their policies are perfectly logical.

Our first “post-American president” is a transnationalist intent on denying America’s leadership. He is embarrassed by it. His economic policies allow for unbridled spending to further this cause while creating the domestic base to empower him further.

Policies meant to create greater economic growth, such as lower taxes, free trade, deregulation and reduced government spending are anathema to his cause. Printing money debases our currency and appeals solely to his domestic agenda.

As Americans, we have been placed in the shameful position of being embarrassed by the conduct of our president before major world leaders and reluctantly agreeing with their rebuke of this man and his policies. They are right, and he is definitely wrong.





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