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I read Tuesday’s article by Tony Blankley (“Declaring war on the regulatory state,” Commentary) with great interest.

It seems that a good portion of right-leaning journalists and commentators understand the Tea Party rather well, and Mr. Blankley is one of them. I am a Tea Party participant. (I hesitate to say member, as there really is no single organization and it is truly a grass-roots movement.) What I see and hear is that this movement is open to all political ideologies. Its main focus is to get conservatives elected who will do exactly as Mr. Blankley says we need to do - roll back our federal and state governments to something that recognizes citizens as the final boss and removes all encroachments upon our liberty that have been mounting since the early 1900s.

We are not AstroTurf, we are not bigots and hatemongers. We are American patriots who are tired of being lied to, taken advantage of and infringed upon. One way or another, we citizens will take our nation back from these tyrants. We will make this great nation whole once more. We are not as ignorant as the likes of the mainstream media and their hangers-on would have you believe.

A lot of my fellow Americans have awoken to the reality of our political situation and understand we are perched upon a precipice. We can pull back and reverse course, or jump off into historic oblivion and be remembered as the victims of just another failed ideology.

Mr. Blankley is to be commended for a fine example of a clear and straightforward method of expression. Hopefully, some readers will understand why his call for reform is necessary. Such discourse does our nation proud.


Bowie, Md.

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