- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 28, 2010

A player controls Vincent, a vampire hunter with the might, firepower and style of Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing, within a wonderful upgrade to Vampire Origins: Reloaded HD (Chillingo, 99 cents), a violent and gory third-person shooter.

The hunt for bloodsuckers swirls around a story of betrayal, revenge and resurrection as a player explores tombs, catacombs, graveyards, churches and combinations of a variety of 18th-century gothic locations to kill creatures of the night and rescue the hero’s bride.

Comic-book-style illustration helps tell the story, while the three-dimensional action is mainly shooting and boss battles with an occasional door to open, key to collect or relic to protect.

Responsive touch controls make it nearly painless to move and duck attacks while simple targeting allows Vincent to fire off rounds from weapons including a pistol loaded with silver bullets, a shotgun and an extra-cool stake gun.

The vampires and minions are a ferocious lot, be they as simple as flocks of vicious bats or lumbering “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-style lunatics or shirtless humanoids with claws or “Phantasm”-like dwarfs screaming and tossing hatchets.

Expect plenty of bloodletting and watching enemies burst into flames while on the hunt.

Boss battles take place with swords and include swiping along red lines that cut across the screen to deliver fatal blows against the likes of Count Valafar and the traitor Cardinal August.

In addition to the satisfying story campaign, the player can battle in a Survival Mode to stay alive as long as possible while hordes of the fanged undead attack, or try Gun Range to fire away from an over-the-shoulder perspective at hostiles.

Overall, the shockingly low price, en-“gross”-ing firefights and intriguing story will suck away at an iPad owner’s time.

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