- The Washington Times - Monday, September 20, 2010


If the mosque in New York City was truly a center for all religions to come together, it would have been announced by the imam along with a board that included the archbishop, the Episcopal bishop, the senior rabbi and the heads of other faiths in the city.

In place of the above, we are told the mosque must be built by Muslims or America could be attacked. Pope Benedict XVI reminded us that Islam rides up to the city gates and says “my way or suffer.” This is a 21st-century view from the walls of the city at the hordes now within the walls.

Islam is not a “religion” in the American sense. It is a governmental system the same as communism, socialism, democracy, etc. Once we place it in the correct category, we will deal with it correctly. We have countries that are Islamic countries, socialist countries, communist countries and democracies. Most nations, except Muslim countries, have all religions represented. Muslim countries oppress all religions other than Islam. So for Americans, Islam is not a religion as we understand the word. Call it what it is and we can deal with it.





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