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A satisfying tower defense game brings a cartoony, Quentin Tarantino level of shock and awe to the Second World War as iPad owners liberally slaughter a reasonable facsimile of German forces in Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD (BulkyPix, $3.99).

Within combat ravaged locations, a commander leads a ragtag band of good guys that are huddled in a structure at the top of the vertically positioned iPad screen.

They must pick off waves of attacking soldiers (sans Swastikas but wearing vintage looking Third Reich apparel), tanks and troop carriers before the foes exhaust the team’s health meter.

Before each of the 15 missions, a player chooses from an unlockable line-up of three commandos, who are never seen in battle, but deliver the firepower.

For example, start with the grizzled Frederico and his machine gun volleys, the inspirational Father Marc delivering the good word through a volley of mortars and Private Brian’s special Napalm surprise.

The player now uses his fingers to tap the screen to command such firepower as a sniper rifle (single tap on an enemy), timed grenade (hold finger on target) and even call in a helicopter (two finger sweep down on the screen) to mow down the opposition.

Of course the trick is the weapons need time to reload depending on their ferocity, so strategy and panic comes into play during every battle.

I’ll also mention amidst the brutality, a mildly humiliating scenario greets the faux Nazis as they die.

Depending on a player’s firepower, a soldier might get his pants shot off and it’s a bit amusing to see a Gestapo running around in sock garters but a bit disturbing to watch them immolated or blown to bits as pieces scatter on the battlefield.

I actually had a video game flashback minutes into the action. When a soldier cries out and crumples over to his death, a cross pops up signaling his final resting spot. That sent a Death Race chill through my nostalgic bones. Let’s see a show of hands for those who remember playing that chilling arcade classic back in 1976?

Warriors are upgraded using awarded cash and gold along with help from a commanders ever increasing rank.

Besides the missions, a free for all “Fire At Will” offers a difficult challenge for warriors who must hold a hill against endless waves of enemies.

I could have used co-operative or online play but with some nice detail to the battles (explosions look great) and a wildly insane selection of weapons (even a UFO), Hills of Glory more than satisfied my inner warmonger.

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