- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This week, the Planned Parenthood abortion business was caught in the latest undercover video investigation - this time helping two people representing themselves as sex-trafficking-ring operatives bent on getting abortions for the underage girls they victimize.

The video, produced by the student-led Live Action organization, isn’t the first to catch Planned Parenthood staffers red-handed engaging in the kind of tactics that should make even the most hardened abortion supporter squirm.

The pro-choice group has a history of having staffers caught in videos while engaging in everything from misleading women about the scientific facts behind the development of their unborn child to helping underage girls get abortions after they were victims of statutory rape by much older men without informing parents or police.

In using tactics reminiscent of undercover investigations by local television crews or operations Dateline NBC made famous, Live Action has quickly ushered in a tool that already has become the latest best avenue for changing public opinion on abortion.

The videos provide more than impassioned rhetoric or facts and statistics. They depict cold, hard evidence of the mentality behind the abortion industry and the lengths to which Planned Parenthood will go to sell abortions to women - and girls - of any age.

The videos could become the next partial-birth-abortion controversy - a game-changing look at the issue of abortion in a way that goes beyond the typical pro-life-vs.-pro-choice bumper-sticker slogans; they hit at the reality of abortion.

It’s one thing for pro-choice advocates to talk a good game about women’s rights, but it’s another for the day-to-day abortion activists to defend these videos to anyone watching as paid staffers help supposed sex-trafficking perpetrators secure abortions. Average Americans viewing the videos will be appalled to see supposed sex traffickers being shown how to get young, illegally imported girls back on the street to further the sex trade shortly after their abortions. They will be astonished to see how those acting as sex traffickers are directed by Planned Parenthood officials to another, shadier abortion center that will give them less grief about abortions on the young women.

Gallup polling data from last year confirms the success of the partial-birth-abortion educational and legislative campaign in terms of shifting public opinion by changing hearts and minds on abortion.

In May, Gallup found - for the third time in a row - that more Americans confirm they are pro-life than pro-choice on abortion. The change from a 56 percent to 33 percent pro-choice makeup to a 47 percent to 45 percent pro-life split followed years of the pro-life movement hammering away on partial-birth abortions. The results were enough for Gallup to label them “a real change in public opinion” and a “new normal” in American attitudes concerning abortion.

Since Live Action got started a few years ago promoting videos exposing the abortion industry, the change has cemented, with a 6 percent pro-abortion margin in 2008 shifting to a 2 percent pro-life margin now.

The power of the footage on-screen and the sick nature of the revelations the videos contain have the potential to continue to break the abortion debate wide open. As more Americans are confronted with a changed image of Planned Parenthood - from compassionate health care provider to a partner in exploiting women for financial gain - the potential for public opinion to shift further to the pro-life side grows.

Planned Parenthood shrugged off the videos in a statement: “Planned Parenthood is no stranger to the attacks of those who oppose sexual and reproductive rights… . That being said, back to business.” But with the next two generations of Americans growing up with YouTube and mobile-phone videos, the footage may be worth much more than a thousand words.

Steven Ertelt is editor of LifeNews.com.

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