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President Obama is on the verge of achieving his liberal revolution. His goal is to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture and replace it with European-style radical secularism.

The administration is now contemplating forcing health insurance companies to provide free birth control - including the “morning-after” pill - as part of Obamacare. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is seriously considering adding contraception to the list of services that must be fully covered by insurers without charging co-payments. HHS is expected to make its final decision before Aug. 1. In other words, Mr. Obama’s government-run health care system may easily include another monstrosity: mandating that taxpayers subsidize the “morning-after” pill.

Obamacare is predicated upon massive tax increases to finance universal coverage. It is more than an unsustainable multitrillion dollar entitlement program - it is an assault upon traditional America. This proposal panders to the feminist lobby, especially Planned Parenthood - the nation’s largest provider of “family planning” and abortion services. Free birth control has nothing to do with “protecting women’s health.” Rather, it is about consolidating the sexual revolution. The post-1960s left has been at war with Christianity. Its aim is to erect a utopian socialist state - one built upon the rubble of Judeo-Christian civilization. In short, liberals want to create a world without God and sexual permissiveness is their battering ram. Promoting widespread contraception is essential to forging a pagan society based on consequence-free sex.

The proposal is profoundly immoral. Contraception violates the natural moral order. It decouples sexual intercourse from its main purpose: procreation. It entrenches the hedonistic ethic that sex is about recreation and individual gratification. It strikes at the very heart of a functioning, self-renewing civilization - having children and perpetuating one generation to another. This is why practically every major religion and most cultures have rightly believed that birth control, pornography, homosexuality and adultery are wrong. They threaten the basic institution of society: the traditional family. The family existed before the state; its importance transcends the state. Hence, our ancestors understood that moral standards must be upheld, not demolished. The breakdown of the family inevitably leads to social collapse.

Moreover, subsidizing free birth control violates the conscience rights of devout Christians, orthodox Jews and Muslims. It compels them to have their hard-earned taxpayer dollars go toward funding behavior that their religious faiths condemn as sinful and an abomination - especially, the “morning-after” pill, whose use is a possible form of abortion since it may terminate a conceived child. By adopting the proposal, Obamacare would not only assault the fundamental freedoms of religious Americans, it would make them complicit in Mr. Obama’s cultural liberalism.

Obamacare is a stake aimed at the heart of traditional morality. Besides its lavish price tag, forced health care rationing and coercive and unconstitutional individual mandate, it encodes state-sanctioned infanticide: the federal funding of abortion. Taxpayer money will be used to enable the murder of unborn children.

Abortion is liberalism’s genocide. Since Roe v. Wade, nearly 50 million babies have been killed - lives exterminated in the womb of their mothers. Abortion clinics are the Gulag Archipelago of the modern left - a vast system of death camps underpinning the liberal regime’s secular hedonism. For a godless society predicated upon consequence-free sex, pregnancy is an unwanted nuisance - and a barrier - that must be eliminated. If lives are destroyed, then that is the price of sexual utopia. This is why liberals adamantly refuse to defund Planned Parenthood. And it is why Mr. Obama staunchly supports the government financing of abortion services: It encodes the pernicious principle that an entire category of people - the unborn - are less than fully human and therefore can be arbitrarily extinguished.

Mr. Obama is rapidly advancing the culture of death - abortion, contraception and homosexual marriage. These are not “boutique” or “fringe” issues, as the mainstream media likes to portray the obsessive concerns of the religious right or hard-core Christian evangelicals. Rather, they involve the most seminal issue of all: whether America survives as a Judeo-Christian nation. Without a common moral code and Christian heritage, our nation will splinter into Balkanized factions. There would be no social glue to hold us together any longer. Since the 1960s, America’s cultural disintegration has accelerated. We have become more secular, more perverse and ultimately, more decadent.

The modern left understands one fundamental reality: Destroying Christianity destroys the culture and civilization it spawned. They are inextricably linked. This is why socialists, such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Saul Alinsky and George Soros, have championed militant anti-Christianity, free love, contraception and abortion. Smash the family and traditional morality and the economic system they gave birth to - capitalism - will come crashing down. This is the Marxist project: Sweep the Christian West into the dustbin of history.

Mr. Obama is a Leninist - a committed revolutionary, who is embarked upon an ambitious project to transform America. He worships statism and secularism - the very antithesis of our Founding Fathers. He has put the United States on the path of civilizational decline and moral ruin. And Obamacare is his Trojan horse.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute.

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