- The Washington Times - Friday, June 10, 2011


I have watched Rep. Anthony D. Weiner, New York Democrat, on several occasions in recent interviews and short televised spots when he has addressed his peers in Congress. His caustic demeanor and arrogant disposition were a total turnoff, to say the least.

Now that he has been caught like a rat in a trap with no way to escape, he has admitted to his indiscretions, which make him an exhibitionist at best, as well as a narcissist with serious mental issues.

The fact that Mr. Weiner spent the past few weeks claiming a hacker was playing a prank on him makes him an untrustworthy liar. In my opinion, whether he represents the people as a Democrat, Republican or independent, he has violated our trust and disgraced his office.

He is in a unique position - one in which he is potentially privy to all sorts of sensitive information. He has proved he can no longer be trusted with any of it and, possibly, that he has not deserved the public’s trust for some time. He should step down immediately and spare us any more of his depraved antics.


Warrenville, S.C.



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