- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The story “Romney’s in; Mormon faith still seen as hurdle” (Page 1, Friday) should be read with a view toward illegal immigration issues in Utah, the headquarters of the Mormon Church.

According to a paper published in April by the Center for Immigration Studies, Mormon legislators voted against a measure to curb employment of illegal aliens because of lobbying by representatives of the church. The Mormon Church has baptized many illegal aliens and it does not want to alienate these new members. It raises the question of how the church would influence the position of a President Romney on illegal immigration.

When running for the presidency, candidate John Kennedy had to make a speech in West Virginia to assure the American people that his first responsibility was to the Constitution and the American people, not to the pope in Rome. Mr. Romney should make it clear to the American people that his position on illegal immigration will not be influenced by the Mormon Church’s desire to maintain good relations with those illegal immigrants baptized by the church.





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