- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street crowd reveals the sad state of so many confused young people. By tearing down capitalism, these “flea partyers” apparently fail to realize what they are really asking for.

Can you imagine America without professional sports, NASCAR races, blockbuster movies, popular music, media stars, cheap, abundant food and fuel, reliable cars, computers and wireless technology?

All of these wonderful things came about because someone wanted to succeed. Take away the incentive and our economy, including the sports and entertainment industries, will collapse.

Imagine a country where mediocrity is the standard. Where would the next technological innovation come from without a glimmer of hope to sustain the dreamers during the days of small beginnings? Each human being is endowed by their Creator with life, liberty and a desire to pursue happiness.

America’s Founders knew that a life without such rights would be empty, brutish and short. Is this what the occupiers want? The opportunity to succeed includes the potential to fail. Just ask the successful. They failed more times than they succeeded. The difference is that they learned from their failures, picked themselves up and tried, tried again. A persistent pursuit of happiness makes dreams come true.

Government is the greatest depository and enforcer of mediocrity, funded, of course, by the taxes of those who wish to excel. A government that uses its powers to manipulate its people into mediocrity eventually will enforce its dictates with the heavy hand of oppression. America - the land of the flea?


Latrobe, Pa.

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