Friday, September 2, 2011

As part of their 2010 election campaign and now for their 2012 campaign, Democrats continue to label anyone who is critical of President Obama’s policies a racist.

Rep. Andre Carson, Indiana Democrat and the Congressional Black Caucus whip, stated recently that members of the Tea Party and Republicans were racists and wanted to see black people hang from trees. These claims are outrageous. The silence of President Obama, other members of the caucus and other Democrats in failing to criticize the statements essentially condones them and is shameful.

Are black conservative Tea Party members or black Republican members of Congress racist for their criticism of Mr. Obama’s policies - policies that have drastically worsened our economy? And because Mr. Obama had a white mother, would any black, Latino or Asian person also be labeled a racist for criticizing him? The Democrats’ racist agenda has gone on too long and has been undertaken solely for political reasons.

Fortunately, today the vast majority of people get along well with others socially, in business and in sports, no matter what ethnicities, races or religious groups are involved. We need a united effort to solve the economic, terrorism-related and natural-disaster problems we face in our country and in other countries. The Democrats’ divisive and false racist claims should be challenged and stopped.


Centerville, Mass.

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