- - Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grade: C-

“This was not a week from hell, but at least from southern Purgatory. North Korea’s “young Un” defied the U.S. by launching a rocket; the normally beyond reproach Secret Service is tarnished in a prostitution scandal in Colombia on the eve of Mr. Obama’s high-profile trip to the region; and he releases his 2011 tax filing to show that he pays a lower rate than his own secretary. And then there was Hilary this week. No, not THAT one — but Hilary Rosen, who gratuitously went after Republican Mitt Romney’s wife, by saying she had never worked a day in her life. With the president enjoying a huge gender gap and growing support from moderate women who fear Republican excess on issues like birth control, Ms. Rosen showed why liberals are not often loved, especially when they have wrong (and arrogant) answers to questions that were not even asked. The Obama team immediately distanced itself, but a new debate has opened up about women and choice, something the Romneys needed and Mr. Obama did not.”

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