- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Robert Boudreaux’s recent letter to the editor should inspire all compassionate people (“Abortion disproportionately hits blacks,” Thursday).

It is easy for us to pat ourselves on the back for our perceived enlightenment regarding civil rights. After all, those in the past enslaved blacks for profit and later segregated these same people for the sake of convenience. Now, however, “health care” organizations like Planned Parenthood (which originated in the eugenics movement) kills black babies in the womb for profit - and our government sanctions the slaughter of these “inconvenient” children using the sophistry of women’s rights.

Abortionists entice vulnerable young women to give up on themselves, their children and the power of love. Indeed, they advocate violence in order to solve social problems. It is the born preying upon the unborn.

Many of our movers and shakers in Washington, like certain leaders of yesteryear, sell out the African-American community in return for fame, fortune and power. We need a massive, nonviolent new civil rights movement to give a voice to our most powerless people: unborn children.





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