- - Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pollster John Zogby grades the president’s week and how the week’s events affect his re-election chances:

Grade: C-

“One week after the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate, there are no real changes in the polls. President Obama still holds on to a small national lead and continues to lead in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania, though Mr. Romney has slight leads in Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado. The math seems to favor Mr. Obama, but there is still a lot of time.

“Mr. Ryan is taking the Medicare issue straight-on into the belly of the beast, Florida. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gets the nod to deliver the keynote speech at the Republican convention and that should help get the Republican message out to voters nationwide. Disgusting ads run from PACs representing both sides, but not too many voters are paying attention. So we are at equilibrium.

“In the game we played as kids, ‘King of the Mountain,’ equilibrium was reached when the challengers couldn’t get the king off of the mountain. Mr. Obama is hanging on with small leads, a tenuous economy, and an inability to get a jobs package through Congress. But he is still there.”

Last week’s grade: F

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