- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2012

Today’s politics reminds me of a divorced couple and their child. The wife ends up being the bad guy, having to discipline the child, telling the child he can’t have whatever he wants.

The wife has to make the child toe the line and make difficult choices. She has to put limits on the child’s late-night activities, spending, sexual activities, use of the car, use of the TV, playtime, etc.

The father is the great guy who lives in an apartment across town and gives the child whatever he wants. The father buys it all the expensive toys, gives the child a car when he turns 16, lets him stay up late at night, go out with whomever he wants, party, skip school, etc. The father, of course, is the Democratic Party, and the mother is the Republican Party. The Democrats, when in power, spend it all and never say no reckless and irresponsible citizens, allowing them to go into debt. The Republicans have to try to undo all the damage the Democratic Party does in its attempts to win over the children (citizens).

To save the children from their reckless naivete and their dad’s couldn’t-care-less attitude, the mom and the Republican Party have to do what’s right for the children’ — and citizens’ — well-being.

The Democratic Party is always the children’ and citizens’ good guy and best friend, while the Republican Party is always the bad guy who has to deal with reality to keep the children out of trouble and on the right path.

It’s no wonder that the youngest voting generation tends to be Democratic.



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