- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 23, 2012


I was surprised and pleased to read about a pro-gun rally in Washington earlier this week (“Young people’s pro-gun rally alters debate in D.C.,” Web, Sunday). Several people interviewed in the piece said they thought more guns led to more crime. Often we hear people say this, but it is simply not true.

A gun is an empowerment tool, plain and simple. If the demographics of a certain area are prone to violence, I agree crime may go up if residents are allowed to purchase a gun. But since the bad guys get guns anyway, gun laws make little difference.

However, the vast majority of folks within high-crime areas are reliable, law-abiding citizens who want to be able to defend themselves. But since they obey the law, they have no guns. This is why gun laws hurt the good people and do not affect the bad people. This is what this rally is all about: self-defense.

Many states have few gun-control laws and people can carry a concealed weapon. Yet crime is lower in these states than it is in states with strict laws. Crime statistics can be verified online or by reading an almanac. West Virginia, Virginia and the Midwestern states are all among those with relatively low crime rates.

The bottom line: It is not the gun that kills. It is simply law-breaking people.


Mount Airy, Md.



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