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President Obama seems to think single women are one-issue voters. He sees himself as a dashing knight, promising to rescue us from the evil dragon of abortion being outlawed and to provide us with access to free birth control throughout the kingdom. Single women are not damsels in reproductive health care distress, and they vote on a plethora of issues.

Single women, like most other demographic groups, care about the economy. Mr. Obama’s lack of experience and poor economic leadership have gutted our economic prosperity. Our unemployment rate proves this point. Unemployment among single women is 11.6 percent, which is 40 percent greater than the official national average. Mr. Obama’s failed economic policies have eroded the independence of single women. As a group, we are worse off now than we have been in decades. Many of us can no longer support our dependents or ourselves.

Mr. Obama’s record shows he is not trying to empower and improve the position of single women in America. His economic policies have chipped away at our independence over the past 31/2 years. Rather than acknowledging that, he staged a fake battle in an imaginary Republican war on women so he could appear to fight on our behalf. His campaign wants us to support him simply because he offers reproductive health care options that we already have. He thinks he can buy us off by pandering to the stereotype of the persecuted female in need of government protection and goodies such as subsidized birth control.

Single women don’t need that kind of patronization. We can look at the facts. Abortion is the law of the land. It is unlikely to be completely outlawed in America. This is not my opinion, but logic and the national consensus. Since Roe v. Wade, there have been more pro-life presidential years than pro-choice years, but overturning Roe has never come to the forefront of a pro-life presidential agenda. If, however improbably, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the ruling would leave abortion laws up to the states. The legal opinion of Harvard Law School graduate Mitt Romney is that abortion should be an issue dealt with by the states, not the federal government. It’s a reasonable position to have.

Mr. Romney is offering single women solid, independence-building choices. A Romney administration will give us the opportunity to better our lives by bringing back a strong, vibrant economy that rewards our efforts. I encourage all single women to look at the facts and choose your president as you would choose a doctor, college, career or any other important decision that affects the outcome of your life and lifestyle.

Ask important, relevant questions such as: Which candidate is the most successful — personally and professionally? Which candidate has a proven track record of creating jobs and economic growth? Which candidate is looking out for my long-term best interests, supporting policies that will enable me to support myself? Which candidate will encourage a position of financial independence, free from reliance on government, men and charity? What are my long-term goals and dreams, and can I achieve them if the country continues on its path of economic stagnation and shrinking opportunity?

The answer to these questions is Mr. Romney.

Single women want lives of happiness and dignity that only come from financial security in a growing economy. We must base our votes upon which candidate can lead us to an economic future and not the red herring of abortion “rights.”

Erin Smith is the founder of Single Women for Romney and a delegate to the Republican National Convention for Virginia.

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