- The Washington Times - Monday, December 10, 2012

America’s tax “can” has been kicked down the road for four years now — and it has come to rest at a spot where the road ends, right on the precipice of the great “fiscal cliff.”

President Obama, the nation’s premier can-punter, has once again donned his earplugs and tunnel-vision goggles as he steps onto that crumbling, poorly patched stretch of financial asphalt and prepares to apply the toe of his well-polished boot to the middle of that battered can, sending it over the edge into the abyss below.

What would happen if all the Republicans and Democrats who were opposed to Mr. Obama’s punitive tax on 2 percent of our population took a page from the president’s political past and simply declared themselves “present” when the vote was taken? It is a matter of record that as a state senator and U.S. senator from Illinois, Mr. Obama declared himself simply “present” on many occasions, rather than voting “yea” or “nay.” Why would it be wrong for Republicans and Democrats who disagree with this odious legislation to do so now?

Mr. Obama and his supporters want control of the fiscal cliff situation, so let’s give it to them — along with its ownership. Let them decide whether they wish to be responsible for maintaining our current national tax rate or be remembered for supporting what will become forever known in our history as “the big Obama tax increases of 2013.”


Columbia, S.C.

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