- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 19, 2012


What happened in Connecticut was a travesty, as were the shootings in Texas, Colorado and Arizona.

Yet we now have heartless liberal Democrats using these murders to push their anti-gun agenda. We also have the major news agencies, especially MSNBC, crucifying Republicans, the National Rifle Association and rural America. What we haven’t heard from any of them is one word on the massacres that happen daily in predominantly Democratic communities.

Since the Trayvon Martin case there have been more than 1,000 black-on-black murders in this country. Yet all the left is talking about are the aforementioned four cases. While these were horrible, of course, what about justice and a little concern for the thousands of young black men who have been gunned down in the years since President Obama was elected?

The politicians who are pushing their anti-gun agenda are hypocrites. They blame video games and movies for our violent society, but what about the rap music that glorifies crime, drug use and degradation of women? Not a word. In fact, the president hobnobs with rappers whenever he gets the chance.


Carriere, Miss.



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