- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 6, 2012


We Americans have voted for a really bumpy economic ride. Elections have consequences, and we have selected an administration that is giving away the bank to stay in power.

U.S. citizens and businesses must be prepared to pay for the following: higher taxes, small businesses going out of business or downsizing, higher unemployment, higher food prices, higher energy costs, doctors not accepting Medicare patients, a weaker military and a $20 trillion debt by 2016.

Our fellow citizens are being taught that those who have more owe those who have less a share of their success. Under this belief, we are slowly adopting the failed philosophy that destroyed the Soviet Union and is active in places like Cuba. The fun starts when we run out of money and our friends in other countries stop buying our bonds.

We have become the country of entitlements, free stuff, social justice, economic equality, class envy and selfishness. Ignorance begets more ignorance. The poor people who voted for this have no clue, but socialism will make them a permanent lower class because rich people will stop investing and creating U.S. businesses, while jobs and economic opportunities move to other countries. We would do well to remember that governments do not create jobs — all they do is spend other people’s money.

A free society requires a free people. A free society is not a society managed by government bureaucrats who tell a free people what is best for them, according to some government plan.


Tamuning, Guam



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